An Alternative Parisian Birthday Party

Bonfire Night is undoubtedly in my top three celebrations, which I patiently await each year. It is made more fantastic by the fact that the second Guy Fawkes Night is over, my birthday begins! 2016 was the year I turned 19 which is as unexciting as it sounds, so I wasn’t overly pumped for it. Even more so as it was my first birthday not at home with my family. I originally planned to just sit in and watch New Girl on Netflix in my cosy pyjamas.

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The Best Valentines Day

I’m not really one for Valentine’s Day. I think it’s commercialised, silly, and downright competitive over who can get the most approval on social media for their chosen partner. Although this may just me being a little bitter as I’ve never celebrated it as such with a partner. Not that that now matters, as I highly doubt any Valentine’s Day in my life will top Valentine’s Day 2017, which is a big achievement, considering I spent it with my mother.

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Social Media Links! Hit me up!

Hi all! I just launched a twitter for me/my blog if anyone would like to follow!

Anndddd! Also if anyone reads my stuff for all my travel bits, I post lots of photos on my Instagram @melvaugha which you should also definitely check out.

I’m involved in a new campaign ‘#YoudNeverBelieve’ so I’m sure you’ll hear all about this important campaign for mental health awareness!

Lots of Love xx


Kapaleeswarar Temple

A bright and colourful, yet busy temple, that I hadn’t heard of but discovered through Trip Advisor as the #1 thing to do in Chennai, India.

This temple is located in Mylapore, Chennai and is dedicated to the Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva was worshiped in the form of a peacock and also known as Mylai which in Tamil means ‘peacock’.  It was constructed in 7th century CE and welcomes many worshippers and tourists.

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Medusa’s Woes

I thought it was love,

our endless plight.

I kept you close,

held on tight.


I revealed my demons,

you couldn’t hide.

Monstrous beings surround me,

piercing eyes


You ruined our union,

broke my heart

I keep my promises

until death do us part


Yes I should’ve realised,

should’ve always known,

That darling your fate

was set in stone

Christmas @ Disneyland Paris

Known from here on in as ‘the day I courageously embarked across Paris on a solo adventure to the happiest place on Earth’.

Ok I adore Disney, I assume if you’re still reading then you’re in the same boat. Like most kids I was raised watching the films, listening to the songs, and still cry at some (more than a few…) scenes, not that I’ll name any, for fear of tearing up.

I was gifted my ticket by my host family for my 19th birthday and I was so so excited to go! The main issue I came across however was that no one either wanted to or could come with me until nearer the summer, which was heartbreaking to my Christmas loving soul. I don’t really know when I made the decision to just go on my own, I think it was down to my own stubbornness that I shouldn’t be letting anxiety stop me from living my gosh darn life. So when my host family asked if I was going to go, I quite simply said “yes”.

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Snow fall

I looked in your eyes

I thought I would stall

But just like the snow

I let myself fall

I’ve quite spectacularly forgotten to blog for the past 4 months, a grand achievement on my part. So I’ve written out drafts, dug up old poem drafts and dribbles (the first of which shall appear tomorrow), and of course, tried to make my life sound interesting and overly fun.

I hope you all forgive my neglect, and I’m very chuffed to see people have still been reading my posts, even with my grave like activity on here. See y’all soon 🙂

The Prevailing Force


The animals flee,

Machinery replaces the peaceful calm,

Men destroy a forest for commercial gains,

Always taking from a world they think they own,

Nature is fading


Flowers blossom again,

Bird song breaks the silence,

A new sprout peeks through the soil,

I walk slowly in the vast expanse and remember,

Nature always prevails.

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