I wrote this poem whilst hospitalised and sedated for suspected bipolar disorder in India. I hoped it would maybe one day help someone realise that their brain isn’t as scary as they think that it is.

The Monster in the Mirror

Today I looked in the mirror,

I’m not entirely sure who was staring back,

They had the same brown eyes as me,

Yet there was something that she lacked,


My head felt full of sadness,

My mind was at a loss,

I sat down and thought of my life

and realised why this was.


See depression is a word

that many people fear,

they think it’ll turn them into a ‘freak’,

that no one will come near.


I’ve learnt that depression is a monster,

that much is true,

But as to whether it can be defeated

is solely up to you.


The darkness is creeping over you,

you feel you want to die.

What good will that do for you?

What you have to do is try.


I can’t promise to cure you,

depression is no joke.

But when you choose to fight back,

I’ll help you to find hope.


Be like your favourite hero,

try not to be weakened.

The lesson in this fairy tale of life is that

we all face our monsters,

and that they all can be beaten.