Hello beloved readers, this was written quite recently in the small hours of a difficult night.

Wonderland Haze

Most of our society live in a ‘wonderland’,

And I’m sad to be so aware,

Of all the heartache in this world,

Whilst your worries fly away without care.
One day I met a man,

Who promised to escort me to this wonderland,

An easy life, a happy life

I took his offer but I didn’t understand,
That this wonderland was wonderful,

I danced and sung and saw pleasure,

But once he took me away from it,

It made me sad beyond all measure
The wonderland changed my brain,

Made me see a whole new perspective,

But now I’m back in reality

I see I wasn’t being perceptive
I saw the wonderland’s people,

Friends who’d invite me to their happy cluster,

Now I’ve left the wonderland they don’t talk to me,

Thrown me in the gutter
I told the wonderland man my story,

And his revelation left me dejected

Those people were never truly my friends,

I just believed I’d been accepted.
Right now I’m happy here,

I don’t believe the wonderland is somewhere I belong,

I think I’m meant to live on the outside,

To help and love people when their life seems wrong
Let society have it’s wonderland

I’m quite happy here on my own

The wonderland might try to scare and defeat me

But it’ll have to break the strong foundations that I’ve grown.



So to sum it up as best as I can, although I do hope that someone understood at least some of the ideas I was putting across, this poem is about being on medication such as anti-depressants and anti-psychosis.

The poem is not perfect, and I want to make it so.