I got interested in writing a poem focused on how much facial expressions can convey what a person is feeling. And I ended up with ‘The Nameless Frown’.

The Nameless Frown

Look at a person’s lips,

Look closely and you’ll see.

In that small space,

Lies their whole personality


Trying to hold back a waterfall,

Their lip trembles as they start to cry

They tell themselves they’re happy,

But they know that it’s a lie


He takes a step outside

And his lips crack due to the cold.

Our friend is begging for a fresh start,

But his brain won’t do as its told


He walks to his favourite café,

The ice fools him and he slips

He tastes warm metallic liquid and

He knows he’s bitten his sore lip.


He enters the café

And the warmth revives his bones

He orders the largest coffee available

A habit to which he is prone


He looks around the room

And in the corner sees her unaware

His favourite person, stuck in a book,

Playing with her messy hair


And all of a sudden his lips,

They didn’t look so downcast

A smile spread across his face

It was such a beautiful contrast


All his sadness was put aside

As he sat with her and spoke

His lips looked so joyous,

He smiled and he joked


My friend spends days with this girl

With her, his soul feels free.

Sadly, love doesn’t fix all the problems in this world

But for happiness, she is his key