So I’m fairly sure this is the closest I’ve ever gotten to vlogging, but I thought it would be the best! Look how smiley I look!


Today I travelled up to mainland Thailand from Phuket to go and see some amazing elephants with a pal.

I ¬†went to a Eco Tourism camp near to Tonpariwat Wildlife Sanctuary which has 4 elephants of various ages. Our elephant was 35 years old and female. I’m very happy to report that none of the elephants were chained or beaten, and all seemed very comfortable and happy. Kantam munched on leaves and paddled in the river all the way through our trek! And our tour guide Tom told us that in the evening they can wander about and eat all the leaves they want.

I definitely encourage people to find Eco tourism projects if they wish to ride elephants. It’s so nice seeing good conservation and elephants being looked after.