Poem written whilst sat on the beach at Domino, L’ile d’Oleron.

All at Sea

There’s secrets buried in the sand,

The waves speak more than we hear,

Telling the stories of all that they witness,

Precious memories they’ll forever hold dear.
Of stolen kisses and campfires

on starry, youthful nights,

And when I listen, sat on my own;

it’s the sea’s tales that set me right.
For its vast horizon humbles me,

And it’s famous beauty remains true,

But the oceans blue is known as a sad colour,

I fear it’s wonderous dangers too.
Yet still I hear the peaceful whispers,

Regard its embrace as if a friend,

I know the water hears my desperate thoughts,

aims to help me make amends.
So as I sit here calmly now,

Hearing the soft sounds of the sea,

I pray the waves wash away

the memory of who I used to be.