Hidden away in the French Alps, 20km south of Grenoble, is the artificial water reservoir of Lac de Monteynard. The lake offers the opportunity for activities such as fishing, as well as being suitable for water sports, such as kitesurfing and kayaking. There are water sport schools and clubs located by the lake so the sports are available to everyone from beginners to advanced level. Surrounding the lake are two trails, one suitable for families with young children and pushchairs and a ‘sporty’ one. We took the sporty one as it is closer to the lake, offers beautiful views, and isn’t overly challenging for older children (aged 9 and up).

My favourite thing about the Lac, forgetting the views, were the 2 Himalayan foot bridges that the lake boasts; the Ebron bridge and the Drac bridge.

As it was a hot day when we took the children, we decided to take our time on the walk and enjoy the views instead of pushing our luck and ending up with heat exhausted kids. So we only made it to the first of the two bridges, the Ebron.

The bridge was 180m long across the lake and was brilliant! It had amazing views and at one end had a lovely shaded area with a couple of picnic benches and lots of shade. The kids really enjoyed walking along it, although I think they were a little anxious if it wobbled, and provided a nice addition to the walk, and a goal that they had to reach when they lost motivation!


Highly recommended as a destination for a day trip if you’re visiting Grenoble, and as always happy to see more proof that children gain so much more from spending time in nature than playing on their screens.

Happy travels!