Known from here on in as ‘the day I courageously embarked across Paris on a solo adventure to the happiest place on Earth’.

Ok I adore Disney, I assume if you’re still reading then you’re in the same boat. Like most kids I was raised watching the films, listening to the songs, and still cry at some (more than a few…) scenes, not that I’ll name any, for fear of tearing up.

I was gifted my ticket by my host family for my 19th birthday and I was so so excited to go! The main issue I came across however was that no one either wanted to or could come with me until nearer the summer, which was heartbreaking to my Christmas loving soul. I don’t really know when I made the decision to just go on my own, I think it was down to my own stubbornness that I shouldn’t be letting anxiety stop me from living my gosh darn life. So when my host family asked if I was going to go, I quite simply said “yes”.

I arrived to Parc Disneyland at about 10am and practically ran in! It was after running in and taking lots of photos all the beautiful decorations that I realised my first mistake of teh day; I had absolutely no clue what it was I wanted to do. I had a quick think back to my last trip aged 9ish and thought about what I missed last time, before realising there was the huge Sleeping Beauty castle in front of me, and that I’d never been into it?! So that was first stop which I enjoyed greatly, and I’m sure will be the first stop of all my trips from now on. After that I headed quite leisurely over to Space Mountain, reading my map and taking time to nose at everything going on around me. As it was just me I did the Single Riders Queue for Space Mountain, and waited about 5 minutes, so practically walk on. SRQ is one of my favourite things, usually quicker meaning I don’t have time to freak myself out over the ride.

img_2226After a head-jiggling but otherwise adrenaline pumping Space Mountain ride, I headed up to Main Street again where I’d arranged to meet another solo traveller and Disney fanatic, Liz Read. I had a nose in the shops and spotted a pair of Mickey ears which I vowed to go and buy, before hearing the unmistakable chimes of ‘Let It Go’ ring out from outside the store. Turns out I was in the right place, at the right time to catch Elsa and Anna pass by in their horse drawn carriage.

Dashed across a crammed Main Street and retrieved Liz where she informed me our impromptu group would be gaining another member so we decided to stay put on Main Street and watch La Parade de Noel Disney!/Disney’s Christmas Parade. SO FUN! I sang a lot, which I tried to apologise to Liz for until I realised everyone was also singing badly. Ahhh I was home.

After the parade, we thought we’d hit up a Meet and Greet whilst waiting for Liz’s friend, so headed towards Adventureland to see Chip and Dale. During the respectively short queue, Mirren (Liz’s friend) joined us and she was so lovely. Another fanatic in the team! We decided to quickly hop onto Pirates of the Caribbean as it had a 10 minute queue.

That brings us to the time of Liz’s departure home to Angleterre, and Mirren elected to stay with me and give me a good tour, as she’s a very knowledgeable CM. We quickly got a FastPass for Peter Pan’s Flight before heading towards the castle for Royal Christmas Wishes, which came highly recommended and was 1000% worth rushing to make, we were near the front and got to see all of the princesses and princes.

At this point I spent all of my time in the main Disneyland Park but quite fancied looking at the Walt Disney Studio Park. We headed over and got there in time to catch a showing of Mickey and the Magician. It was amazing! Not Christmassy but I didn’t even care because it was so beautifully done. Made me feel like a kid again as I was sat watching with my mouth hanging open! Once it had finished I was feeling quite awe struck (and a little a teary) and as we had time before the next parade we bypassed Crush’s Coaster, which had a HUGE queue and went towards Ratatouille, it’d be rude not to! Another good ride incorporating 3d visuals and engineering that I won’t even pretend to understand. We did the SRQ as we both wanted to go on but couldn’t spare the time for another big queue. Luckily though when we got to the front of the queue, the normal queue were fussing about so we got on together any way.

Run, run, run!

Sprinted back to Disneyland to secure a top spot for Disney Magic on Parade! I stood guard with my snack pack whilst Mirren searched for something a bit hotter to eat and drink. We were right at the front to see the parade, save a little boy who we let push through to see Mickey!

The parade was amazing, absolutely stunning! I was yet again in awe of what I was seeing and couldn’t contain my excitement. Beautiful dancing, all the characters I’d wanted to see, and plenty of music to sing along too. Happy, happy Mel.


Then came the time for Peter Pan’s Flight, the prettiest ride I went on, which takes you in a flying pirate ship over the rooftops of London and of course, Neverland. This was our second to last ride. We also jumped on Crush’s Coaster, in the Studio Park, which twisted my tummy more ways than it should’ve done. Nonetheless I enjoyed it.

A quick bite to eat in Cafe Hyperion (Discoveryland), before finding a good spot for Disney Dreams!. I don’t really how to describe Dreams, it sounds a bit underwhelming when I say it’s a show projected onto the castle with music and fireworks to finish. Because it’s actually a lot more magical then I could explain? So I’ll just post pictures..

Needless to say, I was completely exhausted by the end of my visit, but I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

BRB off to do something fun, see y’all soon!