A bright and colourful, yet busy temple, that I hadn’t heard of but discovered through Trip Advisor as the #1 thing to do in Chennai, India.

This temple is located in Mylapore, Chennai and is dedicated to the Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva was worshiped in the form of a peacock and also known as Mylai which in Tamil means ‘peacock’.  It was constructed in 7th century CE and welcomes many worshippers and tourists.

The temple is beautiful with vivid colours, and I would imagine it had been painted recently as I haven’t yet visited another temple with such bright colours! There are around 10,000 statues to be kept in good shape and our ‘guide’ informed us they have about 300 people who work to paint the temple when they have restorations at the temple.


Non – Hindus are not allowed into the inner sanctum which was disappointing but not wholly surprising, as this seems to be a norm for larger temples which have a lot of international tourists visiting. I didn’t mind as I’ve visited temples before, but I was a little anxious as to what my mum’s reaction would be, seeing as Kapaleeswarar was her first Indian temple experience. However she was in awe of the scenery around her and commented that even though we weren’t in the most spiritual part of the temple, there was still a real sense of calm about.

To get to the temple from our hotel was quite easy, apart from the crazy driving. If we were close by the temple I would’ve walked or taken a tuk tuk as there are lots of people on the roads, lots of stalls, and quite narrow roads as a result. Actually to get to the temple we took an Uber which was an odd surprise to me as I didn’t think it would be an option. It was quick, easy as it’s a familiar system, cheap (no one could add on extra fees because we were tourists – sad but often true!) and simple! Cost was about 100 rupees for a private car, 60 rupees if we went with the cheapest option.

The rest I will post as a photoblog as I don’t have a great deal to say but a good deal of pretty photos to share with you all.