I’m not really one for Valentine’s Day. I think it’s commercialised, silly, and downright competitive over who can get the most approval on social media for their chosen partner. Although this may just me being a little bitter as I’ve never celebrated it as such with a partner. Not that that now matters, as I highly doubt any Valentine’s Day in my life will top Valentine’s Day 2017, which is a big achievement, considering I spent it with my mother.

Context: we were flying back from Chennai, India. The journey consisted of two stretches, Chennai to Dubai, and then Dubai to the freezing cold UK. We’d booked our flights about 11 months in advance, in the middle of a sale on Emirates website, so managed to get business seats relatively cheap. Not ridiculously cheap, but as it was a trip to tick off things on my mums bucket list (and mine!) we thought we’d splash out. It was worth it to know that we’d actually be able to sleep on our plane home and avoid some jetlag after a busy 2 weeks of temple hopping, sightseeing and shopping.

On the way home, our flight from Chennai to Dubai (approx. 4 hours) was improved drastically, and I got to have the coolest moment that I don’t think I will ever get over as it’s something I’d wanted to happen since I was a kid. I guess sometimes wishing does work! Firstly, out of nowhere we got an upgrade… to First Class. Quite possibly the closest I’ll ever get to being a real life princess. We gave our boarding cards in to board the plane when they were taken and replaced, very last minute, and we were told to move up to First Class. I think my mum is glad I didn’t let my grumpy sleepiness get the better of me, so I didn’t make a fuss when they stole our passes!

That was cool. Very cool. But not the coolest.

The coolest part, which made my Valentines, was the flight attendant noticing my inquisitive gaze towards the cockpit, walking me down, and leaving me in there for 10 minutes chatting to the pilots. It was so interesting to chat to them. They told me all the countries they had flown to, showed me some of the very many buttons on the control panels and what they did, and were so happy to share things about themselves with me.hkos

I’ll admit I was shaking the entire time; to sit in a functional plane, next to the pilots, able to see everything prepped and ready to fly me nearly 3,000 km was so surreal. I never thought I’d get to experience that without working in the industry. I was so happy!

Sadly, I had to leave, we had to fly to Chennai, and this crazy moment was over. But! I somehow managed to survive Valentine’s Day with my mother, cross off a bucket list item I almost took off because I thought it was impossible, and get a super cool Instagram photo. Winner right?

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