Bonfire Night is undoubtedly in my top three celebrations, which I patiently await each year. It is made more fantastic by the fact that the second Guy Fawkes Night is over, my birthday begins! 2016 was the year I turned 19 which is as unexciting as it sounds, so I wasn’t overly pumped for it. Even more so as it was my first birthday not at home with my family. I originally planned to just sit in and watch New Girl on Netflix in my cosy pyjamas.

After realising how lame that would sound in 50 years when I’m retelling tales to my grandkids, I decided that really I should take full advantage of the fact I was having my birthday on a weekend. I searched online for something fun to do, the one friend I had in the city was away in Angers, and wouldn’t be back until the Sunday afternoon of my birthday. I planned to go out on the Saturday night and party into my 19th year alive. The day of the 5th, I went to a socialising, sight seeing type event I found online which seemed interesting. I pulled on my waterproofs, it might have been my birthday weekend but Paris wasn’t overly kind to me weather wise, and headed to Paris’ abandoned railway. Spooks.

I got invited out that evening to a metro party, which is basically a flash mob type event in the underground. There’s music, dancing, socialising, and is a shock to the poor Parisians who just want to get home in peace and quiet. I got chatting to some folks, and made the mistake of mentioning that at midnight, my birthday would begin. I’m not one for attention, or standing up in front of big crowds. It makes my anxiety scream. But of course, it was my birthday, and the somewhat tipsy metro partiers needed an excuse to sing and shout some more.

I experienced crowd surfing, good gracious never again in my life (I say but I don’t really believe it). Very embarrassing, very funny, a very unique start to a birthday to say the least.