Happy Volunteers’ Week!

I love volunteering and have done for a good few years. I think my favourite thing about volunteering is that there’s so many different forms that it can come in. In this post I’m going talk briefly about my ICS experience with the charity Restless Development UK, and how it has affected me and why I think other people should take part in volunteering.

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Vlogging and Elephants

So I’m fairly sure this is the closest I’ve ever gotten to vlogging, but I thought it would be the best! Look how smiley I look!

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I’m running from wonder

Hello beloved readers, this was written quite recently in the small hours of a difficult night.

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The dreaded first post and the story that brought it about

I’ve spent a lot of time since I created this blog thinking about the dreaded first post. My big defining moment. So as my big defining moment I thought I’d share something that had happened to me quite recently.

As of a few days ago I was cut off in rural India volunteering, teaching and playing with children and snapping pictures on my phone with it’s dimming battery.

This chain of events happened on a fantastic Sunday in February in the beautiful tiny village of Thiruvalangadu.

I met up with my friend Tulsi as she was off to the market with one of the local women and her completely adorable daughter, and I tagged along as I love the craziness of our Sunday market!Tulsi and our lovely neighbours had flowers in their hair and noticed that I hadn’t, so the mum asked me why. I got a bit naturally awkward, in my baggy trousers with my short scruffy hair, and told her quietly I wasn’t pretty enough. (Everyone here has such long beautiful princess hair!)

She was not having that. She hurried off to a flower stand and bought these beautiful petals to put in my hair and called me beautiful and her sister and the people walking past were smiling at us.

 And the gesture was so small but not only had a big impact on me and how I felt but also a impact on the economy of this family.

How magically wonderful is it that we live in a world where a lady who lives in a tiny home would spend her money and be generous enough to make someone else feel good? I think I want to finish up my first post with this: there’s a lot of horrific things in the world, but there’s still a bit of hope and joy whether you want to believe it or not.


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