Losing sight

I saw your kindness and beauty,

Only thinking of what could be,

And as you continued living unaware,

I was drowning in your sea



Lac de Monteynard

Hidden away in the French Alps, 20km south of Grenoble, is the artificial water reservoir of Lac de Monteynard. The lake offers the opportunity for activities such as fishing, as well as being suitable for water sports, such as kitesurfing and kayaking. There are water sport schools and clubs located by the lake so the sports are available to everyone from beginners to advanced level. Surrounding the lake are two trails, one suitable for families with young children and pushchairs and a ‘sporty’ one. We took the sporty one as it is closer to the lake, offers beautiful views, and isn’t overly challenging for older children (aged 9 and up).

My favourite thing about the Lac, forgetting the views, were the 2 Himalayan foot bridges that the lake boasts; the Ebron bridge and the Drac bridge.

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The joy of a backpack

I never would’ve guessed, when I unwrapped my new backpack at Christmas, how much I could change in these 7 months; and how dearly I’d love the bright blue bag.

The transformation started as I hastily stuffed clothes into the pack 24 hours before I flew to India. And now, I sit writing in a bar in France, and I adore that backpack with everlasting affection for all that it has inspired to do and become. Admittedly I feel rather silly to solely thank a bag for my happiness, as I know that really I have achieved my joy by my own accord. But the second I placed it onto my back, I was no longer socially anxious Mel, but rather an adventurer on the way to somewhere beautiful (both physically and in a philosophical sense).

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Sunny writing day at the beach

Poem written whilst sat on the beach at Domino, L’ile d’Oleron.

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The real beauty of hostels

I’ve always thought hostels were smart. Toilets in the hallway so the flush and/or smell don’t disturb people sleeping – genius. At least I thought it was a good idea until I woke up needing a wee at 3am, and realised with deep regret that I got stuck with a top bunk and a dodgy ladder to navigate in the dark. Shifting awkwardly in the darkness to avoid tripping over someone’s bag and praying that you don’t fall on someone sleeping. How would you even explain that? Continue reading “The real beauty of hostels”

Happy Volunteers’ Week!

I love volunteering and have done for a good few years. I think my favourite thing about volunteering is that there’s so many different forms that it can come in. In this post I’m going talk briefly about my ICS experience with the charity Restless Development UK, and how it has affected me and why I think other people should take part in volunteering.

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Vlogging and Elephants

So I’m fairly sure this is the closest I’ve ever gotten to vlogging, but I thought it would be the best! Look how smiley I look!

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Another Poetry Attempt

I got interested in writing a poem focused on how much facial expressions can convey what a person is feeling. And I ended up with ‘The Nameless Frown’.
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Last Train of the Day

Today was one of those lovely days that only come ever so often but are so wonderful as you spend the whole day laughing and smiling with your best friends. I wouldn’t change them for the world. Continue reading “Last Train of the Day”

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